What is Xerpa?

Xerpa is a system composed of finely-designed containers for your bike.
Xerpa XP1 is an invisible saddlebag containing a 12 g carbon dioxide cartridge and a mini sprayer (with adapter)
Xerpa XP2 is a universal bottle cage with a section containing an inner tube (light model with removable 48 mm valve) and 2 small tyre levers.
Together, these products create the Xerpa Kit SOS puncture. All the abovementioned products are included in the selling price.

Are Xerpa products compatible with all bikes?

Roughly, yes.
The saddlebag Xerpa XP1 can be installed on most race saddles. Visit the section “Compatibility” for further information.
The bottle cage Xerpa XP2 can be installed on most frames. The dimensions of the smallest frames (S) are more complicated, as well as sloopy frames.
The bottle cage Xerpa XP3 is universal, as well as Xerpa Plug.
Xerpa Tri is equipped with Tacx clamps, which are highly compatible. Visit Tacx webiste for further information.

Purchase and Price

How much is the Xerpa Kit?

The price of the Xerpa Kit has been unified to be the same in shops or on our website.
The price includes Xerpa XP1 and Xerpa XP2 and all the products inside them.
The retail price is € 57,00

Where can I buy Xerpa products?

For european market, you may buy our products on our online shop.

Are XP1 and XP2 sold separately? Where can I buy them?

Yes, they are also sold separately, but only on our online shop.

Compatibility and technical problems

Is XP1 compatible with all saddles?

The saddlebag Xerpa XP1 is compatible with most race saddles available on the market.
Visit the website “Compatibility” for further information.

Is XP2 compatible with all frames?

Roughly, yes.
Xerpa XP2 can be installed on most frames available on the market.
This bottle cage has a rear double slot for the mechanical fastening to the frame holes: this way, it is also possible to install a double XP2 or a set XP2/XP3.
The smallest frames (S) and sloopy frames are the most difficult ones. In this case, we cannot guarantee the installation of Xerpa XP2.

Which inner tube should I use with XP2? Where can I find it?

Due to space restrictions, Xerpa XP2 has been designed to include only thin inner tubes. That is to say, light or superlight inner tubes (fixed or removable valve up to 60 mm). All manufacturers of inner tubes manufacture and sell product versions which are compatible with Xerpa XP2. Therefore, these inner tubes can be easily found in shops.
Otherwise, Xerpa puts at your disposal a kit of three rolled inner tubes ready for use.

I lost the drawer of the saddlebag XP1 while I was pedalling. What should I do now?

In some cases, the drawer of the saddlebag Xerpa XP1 turns out not to be adequately closed. For this reason, while pedalling, vibrations detach the slide from its place. It is necessary to read the use instructions of the product carefully, since they describe how to easily and properly close the drawer.
There is also a thematic tutorial available on this website.

I am not able to install XP1 under the saddle. What can I do?

The installation of Xerpa XP1 is quite easy if the procedures described in the instructions are followed. It is always possible to ask for technical support by writing a message through the form available on this page.
There is also a thematic tutorial available on this website.

Is there a version of Xerpa XP2 for MTB?

No, Xerpa products are currently available only for road bikes. We have developed a prototype of Xerpa XP2 for MTB but, for now, we cannot say certainly whether and when this product will be commercialised.
The main reason is that the fabric patch of XP2 would become really voluminous if it had to contain a bigger inner tube, thus reducing the aesthetic design characteristic of Xerpa products.

How to use Xerpa kit

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