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Xerpa Tri for Triathlon

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Xerpa Kit Tri is the new finely-designed kit for triathletes…but not only! TACX clamp, two carbon dioxide cartridges, a mini sprayer and Xerpa XP2: a universal, black bottle cage equipped with a lower box containing and concealing an inner tube and tyre levers. Sturdiness and convenience, lightness and incredibly hi-tech look convert the Xerpa kit into a must have for all discerning cyclists.

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Product Description

The state-of-the-art and finely-designed SOS kit, in black, has been designed to meet triathletes‘ needs, but not only theirs!

The price includes: universal bottle cage Xerpa XP2, light inner tube with 48 mm removable valve, two tyre levers, a black 550 ml water bottle with coloured top matching the finishing touches of the bottle cage, two 12 g carbon dioxide cartridges, a mini sprayer and a TACX saddle clamp.

Additional Information

Caratteristiche tecniche

Material > POM Thermoplastic – XP2 weight > 81 g – Internal items, Inner tube model removable 48 mm valve (79 g) – Tyre levers (9 g)