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Xerpa Kit black + 3 inner tubes

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Xerpa Kit is the new finely-designed kit composed of two innovative containers.
Xerpa XP1 is a box, containing a carbon dioxide cartridge and an inflation gear, which goes unnoticed and adapts to the saddle taking up the minimum space. Maximum compaction, high Cx, no side sway, no unnecessary noise.
Xerpa XP2 is a universal, black bottle cage equipped with a lower box containing and concealing an inner tube and tyre levers. Sturdiness and convenience, lightness and incredibly hi-tech look convert the Xerpa kit into a must have for all discerning cyclists.

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Product Description

The state-of-the-art and finely-designed SOS kit, in black, is composed of two innovative containers.
The price includes: saddlebag Xerpa XP1 (equipped with a mini sprayer and a 12 g carbon dioxide cartridge), universal bottle cage Xerpa XP2 (equipped with a light inner tube with removable 48 mm valve and two tyre levers), a 550 ml black water bottle with coloured top matching the finishing touches of the bottle cage, apart from three other rolled inner tubes and three 12 g carbon dioxide cartridges!


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Caratteristiche tecniche

Material > POM Thermoplastic – XP1 weight> 59 g (including fasteners) – Inflation kit > 12 g CO2 cartridge (weight: 41 g) – Mini sprayer (weight: 21 g) – XP2 > Material > POM Thermoplastic – XP2 weight > 81 g – Internal items, Inner tube model removable 48 mm valve (79 g) – Tyre levers (9 g)