Xerpa XP3, the bottle cage has changed skin

This is the only bottle cage which can change its skin…

Xerpa XP3 can. It is a classical and really simple bottle cage made of thermoplastic and available in black (or white), embellished with a shiny skin of shiny resin and a 550 ml water bottle always available.
For those who have already tried Xerpa XP2 and cannot but have the “perfect match” for the liquid containers, and for those who want to try a different, coloured and distinguished product. Xerpa
XP3 is universal and light, and it can also hold your favourite water bottle.

You can customise the skin of XP3 and XP2 with a minimum order, which will vary depending on the complexity of the request:

  • customised design
  • different colours to choose from pantone options
  • trademark and name of the sport team
  • trademark and name of a sport event


Material: POM Thermoplastic
XP3 weight: 48 g
Water bottle weight: 62 g