Xerpa XP2, the container bottle cage

A state-of-the-art bottle cage.

Xerpa XP2 is a black bottle cage designed to perfectly match your bike’s looks. XP2 is universal and it is made of hard plastic (always equipped with a Xerpa 550 ml water bottle). XP2’s great innovation is its lower section, which has been designed to include a coiled inner tube and the corresponding tyre levers. XP2 is equipped with a light inner tube, apart from two tyre levers.

XP2 is coloured: there are two available versions -black or white body- and 5 different colours.

XP2 has a great mechanical compatibility, but it does not fit all frames. The inner tubes compatible with XP2 are the light and less thick ones.
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Material: POM Thermoplastic
XP2 weight: 81 g
Internal items:

  • Inner tube model removable 48 mm valve (79 g)
  • Tyre levers (9 g)