Xerpa Tri, triple excellence

The solid and attractive solution for the discerning triathlete.

Xerpa Tri is a combined product resulting from the exigencies of the Triathlon sector: having a water bottle in the rear of the saddle and the necessary tools to fix a puncture.

Xerpa XP2 is Xerpa’s natural response. Fastened to the saddle with a Tacx commercial clamp, Xerpa Tri is equipped with all you need: black bottle cage with skin in four different colours and water bottle with a tap matching the skin, two 12 g carbon dioxide cartridges and mini sprayer with valve.


Material: POM Thermoplastic
XP2 weight: 81 g
Tacx clamp weight: 105 g
Water bottle weight: 62 g
Internal items:

  • Inner tube model removable 48 mm valve (79 g)
  • Tyre levers (9 g)