Xerpa Kit SOS puncture

All you need in the minimum space.

Xerpa Kit is an integrated system, equipped with all the necessary SOS puncture products. It is composed of Xerpa XP1, an invisible saddlebag, and Xerpa XP2, a container bottle cage.

Xerpa XP1 reinterprets the classic embossed saddlebag, in Cordura fabric or plastic. XP1 is a hard plastic container with side hooks to be placed under your saddle. It contains a CO2 cartridge and a mini sprayer for fast inflation of the inner tube, which are included in the kit.
XP1 has a great mechanical compatibility, but it does not fit all saddles.
Check its compatibility.

Xerpa XP2 is a black bottle cage designed to perfectly match your bike’s look. XP2 is universal and it is made of hard plastic (always equipped with a Xerpa 550 ml water bottle). XP2’s great innovation is its lower section, which has been designed to include a coiled inner tube and the corresponding tyre levers.
Xerpa XP2 is equipped with a light inner tube, apart from two tyre levers.

Xerpa XP2 is coloured: there are two available versions —black or white body— and 5 different colours. The colours of the skin of the bottle cage match the tap of the water bottle.

Xerpa XP2 has a great mechanical compatibility, but it does not fit all frames. The inner tubes compatible with Xerpa XP2 are the light and less thick ones.
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Material: POM Thermoplastic
XP1 weight: 59 g (including fasteners)
Inflation kit:

  • 12 g CO2 cartridge (weight: 41 g)
  • Mini sprayer (weight: 21 g)


Material: POM Thermoplastic
XP2 weight: 81 g
Internal items:

  • Inner tube model removable 48 mm valve (79 g)
  • Tyre levers (9 g)